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(no subject) [Nov. 12th, 2009|10:08 pm]

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STORM POLL 7 [Jun. 16th, 2009|04:19 pm]
heres a question for ya !

Sorry i am really really curious because i have not witness an arashi concert in my life YET (haha).
But i would really like to know, who looks the most handsome/gorgeous live?
I know Arashi all five of them are handsome and gorgeous on Tv and i believe real live too.

What i like to know is who looks the most different (in a good way)
More handsome/gorgeous than TV and magazine etc.

Haha, No bais towards your ichiban okay :) Honestly choose who looks really good real life ~
One vote each ~

For me, i have not been to a live con so i cant vote :)

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STORM POLL 6 [Apr. 14th, 2009|06:41 pm]
A new poll ^^
Which one of Arashi does your mother like OR find the most handsome?

For me,
My mother does not like anyone but she finds sho hot :)
So thats one vote for SHO :)

1st : SHO
2nd: JUN
3rd: OONO

Well, mothers prefer or uni keio boy ~
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STORM POLL 5 [Apr. 12th, 2009|07:58 pm]
Arashi has a lot of staff & crew to help them for their
everyday lifes in the entertainment industry.

Which want would you want to be to help them? 

Thanks for all your polls and comments.
As expected everyone wants to be with Arashi as close as possible :)
1st - Personal Assistant
2nd - Manager 
3rd - Fashion stylist

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STORM POLL 4 [Apr. 1st, 2009|04:46 pm]
Arashi's Autograph !!!!

Whose autograph would you get if you could only get one?


Thanks for polling your choice!


(Most wanted autograph)
1st Ohno
2nd Nino
3rd Sho 
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STORM POLL 3 [Mar. 18th, 2009|01:30 am]

Sorry, This may sound personal but recently
my friends saw a picture of Arashi 5 of them (Group picture)
they were all questioning me like "which is hot?" "why you like them"
and some unpleasant stuffs that you do not really want to hear :)

Well, i know different people got different likings, & MAYBE JPOP Isnt their favourite.
BUT!!!!!!! I just dont get it how can people not like ARASHI!?!?!? (LOL)

Then i thought that people must really watch them & listen and some how
really "know" them to get addicted to them like mad :D



1st. Arashi's relationship... rabu rabu
2nd. Because they are funny :)
3rd. Because of their hard work and efforts!!!

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STORM POLL 2 [Mar. 14th, 2009|12:28 am]
It's your first time in Japan! You need a tour guide, Who will it be?

Who would you pick as a TOUR GUIDE?
Poll for your choice & State why BY COMMENTING to this post!

For me, I pick Nino! 
Because i would love to hear him crack jokes during the whole tour~


TOTAL: 348 VOTES!!! (Thanks a lot for polling !)

1st: SHO 119votes

2nd: AIBA 104votes

3rd: NINO 44votes

4th: JUN 42votes

5th: OONO 39votes

The poll has been removed but comments can be read :) So, Douzo ~
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STORM POLL 1 [Mar. 4th, 2009|05:05 pm]
How did you decide that he was your ichiban ?

Every one has their Ichiban in ARASHI :)
BUT how ? what did you see or hear that made you decide that
HE was the one who was going to be my Ichiban...
Do the poll and leave a comment on who is your ichiban
& name what song/drama/pv/programme/dance/magazine
that made you fall in love with HIM?


For me, My ichiban was Oono-kun ! 
After watching in an episode of AnS giving the towel for the guest who sweated a lot.
I was attracted by his kindness although it was meant to be for laughing
But somehow i just got attracted to OHNO :)


The poll has been removed! And here are the results! You can read the comments to see views from other fans about their discovery on their ichiban.

After hearing an Arashi song 4%12
After watching a Jdrama 17%51
After watching an Arashi PV 5%16
After seeing him on a magazine 0%1
After watching him in a programme(eg.AnS,HnA,MS,Etc.) 41%120
After seeing him sing? 9%26
After seeing him dance? 5%14
After reading up about him in the magazine 4%11
His looks (Like, his your type so he is your ichiban) 5%16
Others 10%29
296 votes total

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